., your dosha is
Kapha in harmony is oily, cohesive, steady, virile, strong, self-disciplined, patient, and without greed.
Kapha is patient and reliable, with a kind and generous nature, ruled by earth and water.
Cold, heavy, slow, smooth, slimy and stable.
It is the Dosha that represents strength and is responsible for your body mass. It builds your immunity and supports your fertility. Kapha helps you be patient and forgiving.

Kapha is pacified by practices that are heating, light, dry, moving and rough as these characteristics are opposites to its own
The quality of stability influences your mind in that it makes you cool-headed with good memory.
Grounded, wise, compassionate and loving
Kaphas are often seen as lazy or lethargic, when in reality they just like to take life at a slower pace.

Stimulation is the key to counterbalance inertia and stability, which can eventually become rigidity.
Lively music
Warm baths
Deviate from routine
Seek stimulating company
Kapha individuals tend to have a strong physical frame with round features.
Sturdy build and slow-working body functions such as slow metabolism
You have potential for muscle and fat build-up and so sometimes Kapha’s need an active lifestyle to keep in shape. When it comes to exercise, you have excellent stamina.

You sleep well and have good digestion.

You have smooth and radiant skin and lustrous hair, if out of balance you can have a tendency to oiliness
Stay active to break out of your naturally lethargic tendencies.
Wake up early in the morning and avoid taking naps throughout the day.
Listen to lively music, socialise and switch up your routine, so that you don’t get stuck in a rut.
Kaphas need to find ways to challenge themselves, be active and change routines now and again.
The sun salutation is the ideal yoga flow for Kaphas to help them energise and cleanse excess heaviness in the chest area.
They should ideally choose an exercise routine that creates sweat. Chest opening poses such as camel pose and fish pose will be great for kapha types.
Pranayama practices are also very good for kapha types to cleanse excess mucus in the lungs.
Embrace speed, activity and lightness
Because of it’s heavy and grounded nature, Kapha individuals are advised to consume lighter meals.
Pungent, bitter and astringent foods.
Kapha is the only Dosha for which fasting or skipping meals is also advised.
Overall, for Kapha, food should be taken in smaller quantities, and excess fat should be avoided.
Secondary Dosha
Ruled by air and ether, Vata changes fast and often, like the wind
It’s unpredictable, talkative, impulsive and creative.

Physically, Vata has a slender frame and quick movements, with chilly hands and feet.

Its airy nature means skin and hair are prone to becoming dry and brittle, and its lightness means its balance is easily thrown off.

Warm and earthy fragrances with woody and citrus or musky notes help Vata stay grounded and its head out of the clouds.
Dry-powder or oil massages
Take warm baths
Listen to lively music
Learn new things
Deviate from your routine
Seek out stimulating company
Be too sedentary
Sleep too much
Gain too much weight
Be exposed to cold
Live a secluded life
Find Balance

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