., your dosha is
Pitta in harmony has good vision and digestion, a normal temperature and hunger, and is happy and intelligent.
Fuelled by water and fire, Pitta’s inner heat is a force of nature.
Living a balanced life is essential
Fire makes you sharp and hot and water balances you out by adding fluidity and oiliness

In your body, Pitta governs all transformative processes in the body and provides internal heat.
Pitta’s have sharp mind and intellect. They are passionate with good ability to concentrate and make quick decisions.
Structured, organized and goal oriented
You have perfectionist tendencies and can sometimes ignore the needs of you body.

When out of balance, the Pitta mind can get easily irritated leading to impatience, a critical mindset and jealousy.
Calming music
Walks in nature
A balanced routine
Mindfulness and self-compassion
The Pitta body has an athletic build with flexible joints.
Surround yourself with cooling and grounding scents with woody, warm spice, and green notes
It’s inner fire means it has sensitive skin that’s prone to sunburn and inflammation and a warm body temperature.

Your metabolism is quick and you sweat easily. As a Pitta, you tend to have a high metabolic rate and are therefore always hungry and thirsty.

It’s important for you to eat your meals at regular times and drink a lot of water.
Pitta types need a lifestyle of movement and calmness.
As a Pitta, it is good to find outlets for your high energy and intensity that are creative and calming.
Sports which are calming for the body and mind and require focus, strength and speed such as swimming, surfing and tennis.
Setting goals and targets will keep you thriving and on your path.
Regular repetitions of surya namaskar, sun salutation is good for pitta types, and they will enjoy this at a fast pace. It will help the body to sweat and dispel the excess pitta in the body.
You will benefit from practicing sheetali pranayama which is specifically designed to cool the body down and reduce blood pressure.
Pitta types should definitely avoid too many inversions such as headstands.
Embrace cooling and calming yoga poses for balance
Because of its dry and cold nature, one of the main guidelines for a Vata diet is to favour foods that will balance and soothe its dry properties.
Warm, nourishing foods.
Choose sponge cake over chocolate, soup over salads and a cup of warm milk over a nut bar. The tastes that will balance Vata are, sweet, sour and salty, so opt for these when you can.
Sweet taste is not just pure sugary sweets, it also counts as rice and wheat. Anything cold is aggravating to Vata so avoid ice cold drinks and too many raw vegetables.
Secondary Dosha
Kapha governed by earth and water is patient and reliable, with a kind and generous nature.
It’s good-natured, stable, calm and tolerant.

Structure and stability characterize the body and mind of Kapha.

Its body is compact and sturdy with potential for muscle and fat build-up.

Stay active to break out of your naturally lethargic tendencies.
Oil massages with cooling oils
Swimming in cool water
Go on walks in the woods or in the shade, avoid the sun
Take cool baths
Calming music
Sunbathe or stay in the sun for too long
Get stressed
Use saunas and steam rooms
Give in to anger and irritation
Engage in competitive activities
the well
Find Balance

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