., your dosha is
Like the wind, it teaches us movement and change, reminding us that each breath is an opportunity to align with the dance of life.
Vata dosha evokes the qualities of the elements air and ether.
Dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile & clear.
Vata’s main role is to get things moving, hence it plays a key role in your metabolism and cell division. Vata is also what sparks your spontaneity, and impulsivity.

If you are dominant in Vata, your energy comes in bursts but can deplete just as quickly.
The Vata-type mind is speedy and irregular. You are creative, intellectual and enthusiastic.
You learn quickly and forget easily.
Vata types can be innately insecure due to the cold and dry quality of ether and air. They may not realise it, but they yearn for connection and love.

It is important that the Vata mind is well nourished with love, good friends and a comfortable environment that allows them to feel connected to others. Most importantly, Vata type minds must learn to love and accept themselves.
Eat at irregular times
Get too stressed
Consume caffeine
Talk too much
You have a slender frame and are likely to be underweight. You have narrow hips and shoulders and delicate musculature.
Vata’s lightness means that it is easily thrown off balance.
Your skin and hair can have a tendency to become dry and brittle.

Your hands and feet are often cold and chilly. Vata’s airy nature means that skin and hair can have a tendency to become dry and brittle

Your nervous system should be treated generously.
Vata types need a lifestyle of routine and calmness.
Their outgoing social nature needs to be well balanced with ‘me-time’ and plenty of self- care.
As Vata types can easily get drained, it is important that they spend time recharging with meditation, music, good food and quality sleep. Vata types will thrive on rising early, so developing a strong morning routine will hugely benefit you.
Because your skin is prone to dryness and your hair is light and flakey, it's helpful to regularly apply oil to your body, head and hair.
You should also have warm baths. The balancing effects of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Orange fragrances can work miracles for you!
Vata types have to be careful not to ‘over do it’ with exercise, including fast paced intense types of yoga. Instead, it is better to opt for classes such as Yin yoga that are at a slower pace and more grounding.
You would probably prefer to learn more about pranayama and meditation that will help more in calming the mind.
If you are practising yoga, balance poses are great for you, as are back bends and working on your core. Any kind of work in the lower region of the body is great for Vata types, especially areas like the hips and pelvis.
Don’t over do it.
Because of its dry and cold nature, one of the main guidelines for a Vata diet is to favour foods that will balance and soothe its dry properties.
Warm, nourishing foods.
Choose sponge cake over chocolate, soup over salads and a cup of warm milk over a nut bar. The tastes that will balance Vata are, sweet, sour and salty, so opt for these when you can.
Sweet taste is not just pure sugary sweets, it also counts as rice and wheat. Anything cold is aggravating to Vata so avoid ice cold drinks and too many raw vegetables.
Secondary Dosha
Kapha governed by earth and water is patient and reliable, with a kind and generous nature.
It’s good-natured, stable, calm and tolerant.

Structure and stability characterize the body and mind of Kapha.

Its body is compact and sturdy with potential for muscle and fat build-up.

Stay active to break out of your naturally lethargic tendencies.
Maintain a fixed daily routine
Relax regularly
Walks in the sunshine
Time in quiet contemplation
Calming music
Warm baths
Eat at irregular times
Get too stressed
Consume caffeine
Talk too much
Exercise too regularly
Dry and cold climate
the well
Find Balance

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