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The philosophy of Ayurveda is deeply rooted in the belief that humans are part of Nature and that our health and wellbeing are mainly dependent on our relationship with Nature. In Ayurveda, this is because we are all genetically connected to Mother Nature by sharing its five core elements: air, water, space, earth, and fire. Essentially, we are part of it.

According to Ayurveda, when we are in sync with Nature’s rhythm, we can harness its energy and experience harmony, balance, and ultimately: enlightenment. Modern science also agrees that the benefits of Nature are numerous. Here are a few:

It improves your overall health

According to the ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign, doing something wild and in contact with nature for over 30 days significantly improves health, happiness, and self-esteem. Research also shows that spending more time outside can prevent type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and high blood pressure.

It lowers your stress levels

When you think about calm, what do you imagine? A waterfall? A pond with lilies? This is no coincidence. The beauty, vastness, and comfort of Nature have calming effects on our minds and body. When you’re in Nature, you can’t help but notice the peace in Nature’s rhythm. This is perhaps why numerous studies have found that participants who spend more time in Nature report lower cortisol levels, decreased heart rates, and more friendly gut bacteria. Forest therapy is a thing.

It increases your focus and productivity

Exposure to Nature can also significantly reduce ADHD symptoms and improve concentration and focus. Research has found that simply gazing at Nature on your break can dramatically improve your productivity. Moreover, a study done by Robertson Cooper shows a 15% increase in employees’ well-being when exposed to sunlight and greenery. It is no coincidence that our offices are bringing the outside in.

It makes you feel good

Other studies have shown that, unlike the effects of being stuck in traffic or staring at a busy road – which can increase one’s cortisol levels – looking at landscapes and nature triggers activity in the mu-opioid centers of the brain, which signifies physical pleasure. Being outdoors simply makes you feel good. Research also shows that people who spend more time in nature are less likely to take antidepressants.

It allows you to utilise the energy of your Dosha

Being outside allows you to be in tune with the natural cycle of life: wake up when the sun rises and go to bed after sunset. Being synced to the pace of Nature gives energy to your individual Dosha and allows you to reap the benefits associated with being more energetic, healthy, and balanced.

It helps you feel a part of something bigger than oneself

But perhaps most importantly, spending time in nature helps us feel a part of something bigger than us. This, according to Ayurveda, is one of the fundamental predispositions for mental and spiritual health: to realize that we are not a single unit or a physical body but one with the universe and all life.

Find Balance

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